Published on 18 September 2020



Our sensible and organised friend who gets up at 5AM for boot camp, is wise, a planner, patient and gets those results. 

That’s you!

You have a clear calculation until your next salon visit and so you want to squeeze in a little tender loving care for your valued and beautiful hair!

We know your type and we love your type so we’ve created a 7-day hair plan and retreat and since there’s quite possibly a few more weeks of Melbourne lockdown, who’s to say you can’t extend your visa and do it all the way until we see you back in the salon.


Sunday – Vitamins and replenishing your hair

Sunday is the start of our hair week. A day of rest and renewal. Today we treat our hair and body.

  • Cleanse your hair with a professional and gentle shampoo. We recommend ‘Normal Persons/EVO or Wella Balance SP 
  • Follow on with a treatment mask. Leave it in your hair and cover with a shower cap. Leave on for 15 mins. One of our favourite masks is the Wella SP Repair Hair Mask – check it out!
  • Have you taken your vitamins? There is a huge range of really great skin and nail vitamins. They are worth investing in and taking daily especially through ISO.

Monday – No heat day 

Today is the day to give your hair a break.

  • Let your hair breathe after doing your treatment the day before so that you don’t undo any goodness that you have just made
  • Leave your hair in its natural form or loosely put into a plait or pony to keep neat and presentable
  • Avoid using any heat tools

Tuesday – Green Day 

A huge factor in the way you look on the outside is summed up by what you put on the inside. Up your protein intake with lots of greens! 

Did you know that protein is also known as your hair’s building block?

  • You may want to use a heat tool by now, so we suggest using your hairdryer and brush just to smooth out your hair (we recommend GHD) for a simple yet neat style. It is essential to make sure you use a heat protector before you apply any heat to the hair. We have a variety of great ones to choose from such and our personal favourite Evo Icon Welder. Another one of our personal fav products is Sebastian Trilliant and SP Luxeoil. This oil is the best for everything and a must-have in your bathroom!

All of these products and more are on our online store and if you add the codeword ‘THANKSDAN’ you’ll receive 20% off at checkout!

Wednesday – Water and Wave Day

Make sure you up your intake of water as it’s a FACT that dehydration causes the hair growth to halt! Women and men should be drinking 2-3 litres per day to promote hair growth!

  • Now is the time you can get your hot tools out to smooth out, bend or curl your hair. Whether it’s your GHD straightener or tong, make sure you always coat the hair with a heat protector first as mentioned earlier. Depending on your hair type, you may need to use dry shampoo if your hair is feeling too oily. We have a great selection available such as EVO Water Killer, Eimi Dry Me, Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair or Sebastian Drynamic 
  • If you have frizzy hair or need to tame your curls, you may need to apply a cream or serum on the mid-lengths and ends to help this such as EVO Love Perpetua Shine Drops, EVO Love Touch Shine Spray, Eimi perfect me cream and/or Perfect Ends.

Thursday – Dirty Day 

Ok! If you haven’t already you will need dry shampoo for those oily roots now! Make sure you don’t spray it directly onto the scalp, or you will leave a residue! 


Friday – Fun Day

Is your bed hair still looking HOT?! Then enjoy! 

  • Add a texturising product through the ends to enhance that bed hair look! We love EVO She bang a bang, its our favourite. We also love Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair & Doo Over  

Is your bed hair NOT looking so hot?! Over it?!

  • Then throw it back into a pony using our EVO Mister Fantastic bungee’s.

Saturday – Sleek Day 

It is now dirtier than ever! Just one more day until wash day! 

You can do it!

  • Time to get the water spray out and lightly wet it down
  • Section out the top half of your hair and then split this into smaller sections. You will need a product such as EVO Mister Fantastic or Eimi Sugar Lift and for the gents, Evo Crop Strutters is for you! (Refer to Quentins Video). 
  • You will also need a strong hairspray to finish and hold this look. Everyone needs a good hair spray in their bathroom! We have a few favourites such as EVO Helmet Extra Strong Lacquer or Builders Paradise which is a more workable spray. Sebastian Shaper Fierce is also a great all-round hairspray. 
  • Apply your chosen product evenly through each of those sections and then use your comb or brush and brush the hair straight back. We recommend a comb or brush such as the EVO Tyler, The Truman Tail or a bigger brush such as the Bradford 
  • You can add a part side or middle if you like, or sleek it all back and into a ponytail if you don’t want to leave it out

From now until Sunday we have a secret/not so secret discount code. Add “THANKSDAN’ in at checkout and receive a whopping 20% off storewide, excluding electrical and already discounted items.

We miss you!

Bye for now!


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