How to Curl Hair Tutorial

Published on 26 August 2019

How to Curl Hair Tutorial

Master the art of beautiful beachy waves with rokk ebony’s
Creative Director Charlene Fernandez

Learn the secret to creating beautiful beachy waves

You can rokk beautiful, textured and fun beach waves all year round, whether you’re beach-bound or not!

Ever wondered what the trick is to achieving gorgeous, carefree curls? Follow Creative Director & Master Colourist, Charlene Fernandez’ best hair curling tips. With a little guidance, you’ll have head-turning, beachy waves in no time!

Step 1: Section Your Hair

While you’re waiting for your hair iron to heat up, start to prepare your hair for styling by dividing it into sections. We love using the Cloud Nine Original Iron, it’s a miracle worker.

First, place your pointer fingers behind each ear (imagine they’re just like ‘sectioning clips’). Drag them (horizontally) through your scalp to the back of your head until your two fingers meet. Now that you have an even part, lift up the top section of your hair and pin it back with a clip.

Hot Tip: How many sections you need depends on your hair’s thickness. Generally, three sections work a charm, but you can add more if you need to.

Step 2: Apply a Heat Protector Spray

It’s essential to use a heat protector spray to prevent damaging your hair when using a heated styling tool. Too much heat can cause dry, brittle, flyaway hairs and split ends.

Begin by parting your hair at the back into two sections and bring them forward over your shoulders. Then, using a high-quality heat protector spray, apply three spritzes on each side. We recommend the Icon Welder by Evo for all-round protection from heat styling and UV rays. It suits all hair types, adding volume and shine. And it holds your curls in place!

Hot Tip: Use a comb to brush your heat protector spray through after you’ve applied it to make sure it’s evenly dispersed on each side.

Step 3: Select the Right Temperature

Keep your hair iron at 150°C. Anything higher reduces moisture and dries out your hair, making it more susceptible to damage.

Now, your section size determines the size and kind of curls you want. If you want tighter curls, select small hair and turn your iron more as you move it down towards your hair ends. If you want looser curls, take bigger sections of your hair and apply a wider rotation technique.

Hot Tip: Before you curl an individual piece of your hair, comb it out to ensure it’s free from any unwanted knots or frizz!

Step 4: Allow Your Hair to Cool into Shape

Once you’ve curled a piece of your hair, it’s essential to leave it sitting in the shape that you ultimately want it, so it sets and dries that way.

Take each piece of your recently curled hair. With your fingers, loop the curl into your desired look and allow it cool. If you want more volume, grab and pinch the curl, starting from the top and working your way towards the bottom. This gives your hair space to breathe and a more voluminous shape. If you’re struggling to style the back of your hair, divide it into two parts and move it forward in front of your shoulders. This makes it easier to reach and curl.

Hot Tip: The direction of your hair iron defines the shape of your curl. To achieve the best-looking beach waves, make sure the angle of the iron is facing downwards as you style. If you feel any resistance from your hair iron, check it for product residue or build-up (for example, hair spray). Clean it with a damp towel while your hair straightener’s still hot.

Step 5: Focus on Your Hair Line

When you’re styling the top section of your hair, you really want to focus on the area that frames your face line. Breakage from heat styling and dying (or just getting stray hairs caught in your sunglasses) is more likely to occur there.

Take extra special care when curling your hair around your face. We recommend turning your hair straightener’s temperature down to 125°C to prevent moisture loss.

Step 6: Brush Out the Curls

Now for the fun part! Once you’ve created all your curls, lightly brush them through with a wide-tooth comb so you can see the final result. If you find irregularly shaped curls on either side, you can go through and enhance those areas with some extra curls. The beauty of using a Cloud Nine hair straighter is the temperature control. It allows you to go over your hair with a lower temperature, which lessens the risk of heat damage.

Remember, when it comes to creating the perfect beach curls, practice makes perfect! Need help from a professional? Our award-winning stylists are ready to help create the most beautiful curls and incredible look that’s just right for you. Visit your nearest rokk ebony salon for the best beach waves.

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