Ombré Hair Colouring in Melbourne

Published on 26 August 2019

Ombré Hair Colouring in Melbourne

Ombré comes from the French word for ‘shadow.’ Your hair is beautifully shaded to create a deep contrast from dark to light.

Ombré hair has taken the industry by storm. It’s one of our most popular salon requests. For the best in Ombré hair colouring, talk to our team of rokk-star colourists – we’re passionate about creating the latest and most beautiful looks to suit your personal style.

What is Ombré?

Ombré describes the gradual blend of one colour into another from dark to light, creating an eye-catching, dip-dye look.

When done well Ombré is a stunning, fresh hairstyle that adds dimension, texture and shine to your hair, but you definitely want it done by a professional. Home-dye kits can result in harsh and obvious colour blocking and are really not worth the risk!

If you’re looking for a bold, noticeable hair transformation, Ombré is a fun and low-maintenance option to brighten your look. For a less dramatic change, ask your colourist to start with a more natural shade before going lighter.

What’s the Difference Between Ombré and Sombré?

Sombré is a softer version of Ombré, most popular with blonde hair and charcoal looks. It gives your hair a more subtle contrast from root to tip, as the colour blending starts higher and uses many tones to create a subtle transition. In Ombré, your natural hair colour is lifted a few shades for a really bright, vibrant appearance, but Sombré hair is usually only coloured once for a smoother summery upgrade.

Is Ombré Easy to Maintain?

If you’re after a low maintenance hair colour transformation, Ombré and Balayage are two of your best options because they keep getting better as your hair grows. While classic highlights applied at the roots require constant touch-ups and regular trips to the salon, you don’t have to worry about the roots at all with Ombré. You can let your hair grow out and still look fabulous between trims!

How Do I Know Ombré Will Suit Me?

Ombré hair is gorgeous on all hair types and lengths, including straight, curly and wavy hair, long and mid-length hair. Your colourist will assess your skin tone, hair colour and cut to recommend the best colour contrast and Ombré style for you. If you’re nervous about going too edgy or bold, consult with your colourist and opt for Sombré or Balayage instead.

Ready for your new rokk look?

Our award-winning, professional stylists and colourists are ready to help you create the most ah-mazing and flattering look that’s just right for you. Visit your nearest rokk ebony salon for the best Ombré treatments in Melbourne.

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