rokk ebony’s Roxanne Benli wins Two Apprentice Awards

Roxanne Benli takes home two apprentice awards

rokk ebony final-year apprentice Roxanne Benli is riding high after being awarded two significant Apprentice awards.

In October, she was name Headmasters training academy’s 2015 Apprentice of the Year, hot on the heels of winning the Wella TrendVision Australian Apprentice Award a few weeks earlier.

Located at rokk ebony Collins Place, the next big event for Roxanne was assisting her colleague Chung-Yang “Yoshi” Su in his International TrendVision Colour Award bid in Berlin in November 2015.

Roxanne grew up helping out in her Dad’s salon in Melbourne, then moved to Lakes Entrance when she was 15.  After school, she first became an apprentice chef but the vocational call of hairdressers remained strong. 

In 2011, Roxanne moved back to Melbourne, and eventually decided to return to hairdressing. Then in 2014, she applied to complete her apprenticeship at rokk ebony, thinking that she was being overly ambitious by applying to such a highly regarded salon group, but rokk ebony knew talent when they saw it and hired her. 

Since then, Roxanne has won the respect and admiration of her peers and seniors, working incredibly hard and lapping up every bit of hairdressing training and experience she can find in the quest to become the best hairdresser that she can possibly be.

rokk ebony is always on the lookout for talent people interested in a career in hairdressing.  If you or anyone you know is keen to try the creative hand at an exciting, people-oriented hairdressing apprenticeship, please send l your CV to:

Recruitment, rokk ebony, 328 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne Vic 3205 - or
email: office [at]


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